Jan. 10th, 2017

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 Name: Vivien Merveilles
Age: 24
Country: NY, USA
Subscription/Access Policy: i make some post friend only randomly but I pretty much add everyone back. :) I am new to dreamwidth so I don't have many entries, sorry! I do have an intro post here: http://vmerveilles.dreamwidth.org/504.html
TV Shows:Lucifer (the campy tv show with the detective. I've never read the comics and I'm like six episdoes behind so please no spoile
Favourite Movies: The Shining, Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton), Elf (I don't watch movies often...)rs!!!), The first season of Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls 
Books: Captive Prince, The Shining, The Vampire Chronicles, HP LOvecraft, Stephen King, Anne Rice, 
Music: Ayia, Egolikeness, Emilie Autumn, Mr. Kitty, Crystal Castles, Marina and the Diamonds, Blaqk Audio, Amy Lee,Nicole Dollanganger, Sopor Aeturnus, Versailles, Amelia Arsenic, Kamijo, oh!!! and Malice Mizer owns my soul. 
Games: I don't care for video games or games in general. 
Comics/Anime/Misc: Makai Ouji (Devils and Realist), Bizenghast, Death Parade, Sweet Blood, YuGiOh, Kuroshitsuji, Homestuck
OTPs and Ships: Vincent/Diederich, Dantalion/Solomon, Ruby/Sapphire


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