Apr. 12th, 2017

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Name: Cassie

Age: 26 (until June, O.o) 

Country: US

Subscription/Access Policy: My journal is friends locked. I’m really just looking for nice people. All walks of life and backgrounds welcomed; I’m very laid back and accepting. LGBT+ supporting individuals as I identify as part of that community.

Fannish Interests: You’ll find I’m a mixed bag; reach your hand in and who knows what fandom you’ll pull out! My three fandoms of late are Girl Meets World, Supernatural, and The Marvel Cinematic Universe. See, I said it was a random mix, LOL.

I like to post about: Life, fandom things do pop up occasionally (I’m really into movies and TV, so I often mention what I’ve seen or am watching), I talk about my friends and family, etc. Just the day to day stuff. 

About Me/Other Info: Hobbies/Interests: Writing fanfic (mostly femslash), taking care of my cat, knitting, playing The Sims and a few other PC games, trying to keep my cactus alive, and fangirling. I have a full intro post here; it’s got everything you’d need to know before wanting to friend me. (Also, I’m not religious despite being raised that way. This seems to put people off. I’m the furthest thing from a bible thumper :p )

Other places I’m found: I’m the same username over on LJ || FangirlCassie on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter || Ms_Faith on AO3 || Cassie Faith over on FFN



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