Apr. 13th, 2017

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Name: Raven (My old LJ name was raven_moon, so LunaDelCorvo is that, in Italian).
Age: Old enough to know a lady never tells! Old enough to have a teenage kid, but young enough to know I never plan to grow up.
Country: US (please let me take a moment to apologize for what is currently squatting like a toad in the White House. Please know there are a lot of us trying to mitigate the damage and fix it.)
Subscription/Access Policy: Largely public, barring a few more personal entries, which I may f-lock. Once in a blue moon I post something private, but rarely.

Main Fandoms: Wow. Changes often, but BtVS, Firefly, Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights (yes, I know, it's an older fandom, but it checks out), Supernatural
Other Fandoms: Good grief, most anything I like, and that's a lot. Just a sampling L&O:SVU, AtLA (series), StarWars, X-men (first round movie-verse), Dollhouse, LotR, Fable...you get the idea.
Fannish Interests: Uh...well all of that.... Oh, and I'm an academic, and I dabble in fannish topics. I teach things like pop culture, media studies, video game culture, fan culture, etc. at university. (And yes, I assign playing video games as homework.)
OTPs and Ships: Random sampling: Spike/Buffy, ObiWan/Padme, Jareth/Sarah, Logan/Marie, Spock/Uhura (STReboot), Zuko/Katara, Mal/Inara, Alistair/FWarden (DA:O), Fenris/FemHawke (DA2).....

Favourite Movies: Labyrinth, SW (all), LotR (all), Dorkness Rising, STReboot...
TV Shows: Arrow, Supernatural, Sherlock, Firefly, Bones (for current ones, plus a slew of older stuff)
Books: All of them! I also teach lit, so reading=life. Especially fond of Dante, Ibsen, Weisel, could re-read LotR and Outlander till the ink wears off....
Music: Most anything not rap or country. Love celtic, folk, classical, goth, darkwave, jazz, some blues, some rock... I can go from Clash to MCCarpenter, and from Mumford to Mozart. My musical taste has been described as 'schizo,' which I took as a compliment.
Games: Dragon Age, Fable, Neverwinter, Brave Frontier, Witcher, Skyrim, Terrarria, Diablo, Starcraft.....
Comics/Anime/Misc: Haven't dome much anime, but have come to love RWBY, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, and recently started Seven Deadly Sins.


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