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Name: Steph
Age: 27
Country: US
Subscription/Access Policy: friends only, but i tend to friend anyone who adds me so...

Main Fandoms: MCU, Captain America, Star Wars, The Americans, baseball (Rockies in particular)
Other Fandoms: The West Wing, Agent Carter, Guardians of the Galaxy, just about anything i actually like
Fannish Interests: Steve Rogers and Luke Skywalker in general; chatting about shows, ships, headcanons, meta; reading and reccing fanfiction
OTPs and Ships: too many/a multishipper for the Cap fandom, Jyn/Cassian, Han/Luke

Favourite Movies: Each Captain America movie, GOTG 1&2, Star Wars (Original Trilogy, Rogue One, The Force Awakens), Heathers, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Space Jam, The Martian, Inglourious Basterds, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Lego Movie, Ant Man
TV Shows: The Americans, The West Wing, Agent Carter, Friends, M*A*S*H, Will & Grace, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Arrested Development
Books: Modern Romance, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Man in the High Castle, Born a Crime, historical non-fiction
Music: The Killers, 90s pop, BSB, N*Sync, Britney Spears, classic rock, The Eagles, David Bowie, Queen, lots of others
Games: Old-school Nintendo
Comics/Anime/Misc: Hawkeye (Fraction), Black Widow (2014), Captain America: Winter Soldier, Infinity Gauntlet (1991), Secret Wars (1984), Planet Hulk, Young Avengers, New Avengers (2013), Death Note, FLCL

Other Info: i am on tumblr but missed the community aspect of LJ, just without the LJ part. i post mostly about personal things unless i can't get a fannish post out of my head. i love travel, national parks and the outdoors, robots, baseball, college football, crossfit, mermaids, and unicorns.
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Name: grue
Age: 28
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Open with no restrictions provided you're not a Trump supporter or someone who thinks feminism is "cancer". I add back everyone after a quick look, no need to ask ;D

Main Fandoms: Star Wars, Marvel 616/MCU, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Mass Effect Original Trilogy
Other Fandoms: The great love story between Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron is making me reconsider my stance on RPF. I like a lot of smallish movie fandoms that I can participate in during Yuletide and other exchanges, like Attack the Block and Pacific Rim. I wish more people geeked out over Pathologic.
Fannish Interests: Fanfic, fan art, meta.
OTPs and Ships: SW: Kylux, Poe/Leia, Han/Leia; Marvel: Steve/Tony, Clint/Bucky, open to most other ships in this fandom tbh; Kingsman: Harry/Eggsy; Mass Effect: Garrus/Shepard, Kaiden/Shepard.

Favourite Movies: I used to watch a lot of movies. I don't really anymore because I'd much rather be reading or playing a game rather than sitting still, but so long as it is out of cinemas I've probably at least heard about it.
Books: China Mieville's ouvre, the Discworld series, Good Omens, Cormac McCarthy's stuff.
Music: I listen to everything provided the vox isn't whining and no one is advocating violence against women. Been on a Scissor Sisters kick for the last two days.
Games: Playing Dishonored and Bioshock as schedule permits. I'm on steam as cunthulhu if anyone wants a new friend.
Comics/Anime/Misc: I will forever and always be a fan of Hellboy, Batman, and Deadpool. I drift in and out of series on the regular, but I try to keep up with the Poe Dameron comics, the Mignola Verse, and Saga right now. I think Chew has already ended though I haven't gotten the last issues, sigh.

Other Info: I'm on twitter regularly, and once in a blue moon I use tumblr. I swear a lot, attempt to offset my numerous failings by using self-deprecation daily, and sometimes get stuck in migraine hell for weeks at a time. But I don't have an excess of people on my list who share my fandoms, so I'm giving this community a whirl to find some other Steve/Tony or Kylux people, at the very least xD

If you think we'd get along, I'd love to add you!
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Name: Syven
Age: Old enough to know better and still do it. :)
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Fandom writing / Open

Main Fandoms: Marvel MCU
Other Fandoms: Lucifer
Fannish Interests: Roleplaying (PSLs/GPSLs), writing (adult)
OTPs and Ships: Bucky Barnes/Jane Foster, Steve Rogers/Jane Foster

Favourite Movies: CA: Winter Soldier; CA:Civil War; Thor; Pacific Rim, Star Trek.
TV Shows: Lucifer; Bones

Seeking: Potential writing partners or friends who share my unusual ship. I write mainly on Insanejournal and back up to Dreamwidth, but I love DW so much more. It's only inactivity that keeps me from using it more.
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Name: Teri

Age: 30+ (yikes!)

Country: USA

Subscription/Access Policy: I've had this dreamwidth account for years, but rarely ever used it. I'm just starting to revamp it now, but I'll be making my fandom posts public, and most personal posts friend locked.


Main Fandoms: Doctor Who (NuWho), Star Trek (all), Harry Potter 

Other Fandoms: Firefly, Farscape, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Galavant, Pushing Daisies, actually a lot of sci-fi even the older stuff like Lost in Space (1960s)! I have so many film and television interests that they range from pre-code to modern day.

Fannish Interests: I enjoy chatting about a variety of fandoms, and also make gifs and icons. I really appreciate people who can laugh about their fandoms and don't take them so seriously that they hate on characters. I'm a fan of Alan Rickman, Kenneth Branagh, Chris Pine, and more. I love seeing what other people are into because it introduces me to new things. I tend to lean towards an interest in sci-fi, fantasy, and fairy tales.  

OTPs and Ships: Most of my ships are canon and I'm not a fanfic writer, but some of my friends are brilliant at it, and I don't mind seeing it on my dash. I don't hate on any characters or ships. 


Favourite Movies: Harry Potter(s), Star Trek(s), Galaxy Quest, The Princess Bride, Gattaca, The Illusionist, Little Shop of Horrors, Ghost Busters (old and new), Bubble Boy, Amadeus

TV Shows: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Modern Family, The Middle, The Goldbergs, and cheesy old favorites like Jack of All Trades

Books: so many, but I'm really into Neil Gaiman right now.

Music: almost anything upbeat and fun, a lot of 80's music, and soundtracks from musicals, occasionally classical

Games: Not a gamer, unless you count old Atari games.

Comics/Anime/Misc: I'm not much into comics or anime, but film-wise, I did enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy and am looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman (I hope it's good!). I like musicals and live theatre (plays). 


Other Info: I also post about gardening, home design ideas, life in general, and share photos. I'm a gif maker on tumblr and my primary blog can be found here. I also have a Potter/JSAMN tumblr here, and belong to probably too many groups on that site. Because I've made so many gifs, you'll probably see some of those as reaction images in my journal here too. I tend to comment on anything I find relatable and am pretty good about replying to comments. I don't like seeing graphic horror on my dash, glorified violence or drugs, hate of any kind, and don't really want to see a ton of screaming posts about politics or news. I was really hesitant about making a post here, but I've gotten really bored with tumblr, and declined the new LJ agreement, thus blocking me from accessing my account there, so I'm hoping to find some of my old friends on this site, and meet some new people with similar interests. I'll likely follow back/grant access to friendly people with similar interests/journals. At this moment, there's not much on mine, as I'm just getting started here and couldn't import my LJ over (wish I'd done that earlier when I had access!). I really miss old LJ, like the way it was before it was sold the first time, and I'm hoping there's still a chance to recreate that sense of community and fun. 

hi there

May. 18th, 2017 04:43 pm
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Name: ziggy
Age: 26
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Most of my posts about daily life and stuff will be friends locked. That said, I do tend to add people freely. :) Other posts may be public, particularly if I get into reviewing comics like I want to.

Fannish Interests: Transformers, Star Trek, Overwatch, One-Punch Man, Voltron, many many others.
I like to post about: Most often about my day-to-day life!
About Me/Other Info: Please see here! https://t.co/y3kBDnzrwK

ETA: I've just realized this is like my fourth post in the TF tag here over the years. Yeesh. I'm trying to stick around this time akljdsfa
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Name: Lisa
Age: 37
Country: Scotland
Subscription/Access policy: open

Main fandom:, Star Trek (TNG,Voyager,Ent), Babylon 5, NCIS, Buffy, Bones, Rizzoli&Isles,

Other fandoms: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Big Bang Theory, APB, Lucifer, Call the Midwife

Fannish interests: Love to read fanfic and have started to write myself.

OTPs and Ships: Trip/T'Pol, Seven/Janeway, Seven/B'Elanna, Jack/Daniel, Willow/Tara (and many others), Delenn/Sheridan. I'm mainly a multi-shipper on many of my fandoms.

Other info: Was on before but lost my password so starting again,lol. I'm quite shy and because I've suffered from depression trying to get back in to a mindset to enjoy social interactions, so I find writing easier. Also enjoy walking my 2 dogs (both Border Collies), reading, music and am a carer for my elderly aunt.

Not a lot in my journal at the moment except for challenge letters but hope to change that in the near future,lol.
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Name: Jamie
Age: Old enough to party I'm in my 20s
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: All my posts are locked, for the most part, but I add pretty much anyone who asks. I try to comment on other people's posts when I can, too, but I can be a bit shy.

Main Fandoms: I have a group of fandoms I cycle through depending on my mood and stuff, but it's safe to say horror in general is my fandom of choice. Right now it's Stephen King's IT (I'm rereading the book for the thousandth time in preparation for the movie this September; I'm so hyped). Followed by creepypasta, and Scream (both the movie and the TV series).
Other Fandoms: American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Channel Zero (if that counts as being separate from creepypasta), It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Kingdom Hearts, and other various horror movies that it'd take me too long to list.
Fannish Interests: Writing is both the love of my life and the bane of my existence (that goes for original works as well, but I'll never let go of fanfiction either). I'm terrible at art and icons/edits/etc, but I'll make gifsets once in a blue moon for tumblr. I RP sometimes. Other than that I just love to talk about fandom with people, come up with headcanons, stuff like that.
OTPs and Ships: I have tons of ships, to be honest, and a lot of them are kind of out there and weird. I like ships that cause me pain and suffering. I mostly go for m/m 99%, but I do have some f/f and m/f ships too.

Favourite Movies: Scream (1 and 2 mostly, 3 is a good ironic watch and 4 is an embarrassment), the Saw series (1, 2, 6, 3, 5, 7, 4 in that order), We Need To Talk About Kevin, the entire Friday the 13th/A Nightmare on Elm Street/Halloween series, any thing from Wes Craven tbh. Cool Cat Saves The Kids is the best movie ever made.
TV Shows: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (forever fave), American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Channel Zero, MTV Scream, sometimes I like to watch the cooking channel if Guy Fieri is on.
Books: Stephen King (IT♥, The Stand, The Shining, and whatever anthology The Body/Stand By Me is a part of, Needful Things, Desperation), Chuck Palahniuk (Haunted♥, Fight Club, Choke, Survivor, Invisible Monsters), The Ruins, American Psycho.
Music: Mindless Self Indulgence is my favorite band♥ also Nirvana, Twenty One Pilots, KMFDM, Rammstein, Florence + The Machine, Marilyn Manson, idk my music taste is a mess.
Games: Kingdom Hearts is my favorite, always will be. Also Ace Attorney, old school arcade zombie shooting games (House of the Dead III yea son), and I'll always love Pokemon.
Comics/Anime/Misc: I'm not really into the anime/manga scene anymore, but Fullmetal Alchemist and Gensoumaden Saiyuki were always my favorites. Not much of a western comics person either, but I sure did love the movie adaptation of Deadpool?

Other Info: I'm male, since there wasn't a gender question on this form lol. Writing is my main hobby so I talk about it quite a bit. Uh, if you're one of those personality test people, I'm a INTJ, Enneagram 5, and somewhere between true and chaotic neutral. I'm a dog person, although sharks are actually my favorite animal. I got some mental illness stuff going on but I'm generally not comfortable sharing specifics of that in online spaces, so it won't really come up in my journal much. I am (try to be?) a pretty chill person, and I'm just looking to make some friends! I also have a tumblr, twitter, and plurk which I'm open to adding people on, too! :)

Hello! :D

May. 14th, 2017 09:46 pm
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Name: Nan
Age: 31
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Everyone I subscribe to, I automantically give access to. Anyone who subscribes to me, even if I don't subscribe back, I still give them access! I'm pretty easygoing about that kind of thing.

Main Fandoms: Right now I'm in Final Fantasy 15 hell but I claimed Duo/Heero for [community profile] 15kisses so I guess Gundam Wing too. :D
Other Fandoms: Yuri on Ice, Sherlock, MCU, Star Wars, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XII, and Fire Emblem (Awakening and Fates). I feel like I'm forgetting something but. Hmmm.
Fannish Interests: Fanfiction, fanart, fic recs, reaction posts, and a lot of FFXV screenshots.
OTPs and Ships: UH. Noctis/Prompto and Duo/Heero are the big ones right now, but also Gladiolus/Ignis, Victor/Yuuri, Otabek/Yuri, Yuri/Yuuri (DON'T YOU JUDGE ME), Sherlock/John, Steve/Bucky, Anakin/Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, Squall/Zell, Seifer/Zell, Irvine/Zell, Basch/Vaan, Balthier/Vaan, Basch/Vaan/Balthier, Larsa/Penelo, and then like, approximately 1 million Fire Emblem ships. Once again, I feel like I'm forgetting something but, you know.

Other Info:Nice to meet you!


May. 15th, 2017 10:55 am
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Name: NRGburst (NRG, Energy)
Country: Japan for years, but moving back to Canada this summer
Subscription/Access Policy: I f-lock more personal entries, fannish stuff tends to be public. I always try to put spoilers or long posts behind a cut. I'll comment mostly on fandom posts until I actually feel like I know you.

Main Fandoms: Star Wars, MCU (except Iron Fist and Doctor Strange), The Originals
Other Fandoms: Disney, HTTYD, HTGAWM, Kimi no na wa, The Hobbit|LotR, FFVII
Fannish Interests: I do lots of reaction posts and spec/meta on spoilers. I read, rec and write fanfic. (AO3 here) I also make GIFs and icons. GIFsets get posted to my tumblr here, icons on my journal here.
OTPs and Ships: Right now the relationships I am mostly interested in are: Jyn/Cassian, Gamora&Nebula and Cassian&K2SO. The one thing I hardcore ship is Kolvina from TO.

Favourite Movies: Rogue One, TFA, Moana, Mulan, GotG, CA: The Winter Soldier, Hidden Figures, The Martian, 10 things I hate about you, Pacific Rim, Kimi no na wa|Your Name
TV Shows: currently Agents of SHIELD, Sense8, Grey's Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, iZombie, Last Week Tonight, Shadowhunters, Game of Thrones plus any above
Books: recently non-fiction.
Music: I like rock/pop/dance with a female vocalist. (Paramore, Taylor Swift, Ruelle)
Games: I used to play RPGs like FFVII but now I have kids. LOL
Comics/Anime/Misc: Not really into anime even though I live here.

Other Info: Ummm I'm going to see Pentatonix live in a couple of weeks? Plus I just saw GotG Vol2 this weekend, so I'll post about that soon. 


May. 10th, 2017 06:38 pm
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Name: Absol/DA
Age: Apparently, an adult. *shrugs*
Country: Canada
Subscription/Access Policy: Open

Fannish Interests:
My main fandom at the moment is Detective Conan/Case Closed, though I'm also into Yuri on Ice, Pokemon (video games specifically), Harry Potter, Steven Universe, Fire Emblem, and in a holdover from my middle school years, Warriors.
I like to post about: Fannish related stuff, though I haven't really done much here besides crosspost a few things over from Tumblr.
About Me/Other Info:
-I'm also active on Tumblr as darkestabsol, and have no intention of leaving there yet since that's where most of my fandom activity occurs.
-No idea how a website like this works? I never did attempt to use LJ, and am more used to things like forums and Tumblr.
-I'm a sucker for animation. Animation is great.
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Name: Jamie
Age: 34
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: I am in a weird place, not sure if I should stay on public or friends only. I am not posting really anything personal yet but I am used to being locked so we'll go with friends only.

Main Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, ER, NASCAR, gymnastics, Cleveland Indians, & Backstreet Boys.
Other Fandoms: Full House, Angel, Shirley Temple, Little House on the Prairie, Modern Family. I am sure I am forgetting things since this is so short, ha!
Fannish Interests: icon making, fanlistings (making/running them & joining), making screencaps, running icon communities, & occasionally I will read fanfic but it is normally just HP fanfic if I do read it. I run my own domain for most of these hobbies.
OTPs and Ships: I am not very much into shipping. The ones I am only really passionate about are Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, & Luke/Lorelai. The only ones I highly dislike are Buffy/Angel and Lorelai/Christopher. I do play nice though, we all have our own opinions. :)

Favourite Movies: Harry Potter films, Now & Then, Moulin Rouge, The Mummy (1999), Mulan, Where the Heart is, The Littlest Rebel, & many more.
TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Little House on the Prairie, Parenthood, Modern Family, Blackish, Reba, Party of Five, The Waltons, Snapped, Angel, That 70s Show, Full House, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, and a lot more. I am a TV junkie.
Books: Harry Potter books. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. Baby-Sitters club series. I also read a lot of non-fiction with most it being celebrity biographies.
Music: Backstreet Boys, Green Day, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, The Beatles, Eminem, Sia, Adele, Britney Spears. I love a lot of pop especially from the 90s.
Games: I like classic games from the Super Nintendo era (like Super Mario Bros), The Sims 2, and time management types of pc games.

Other Info: I am a homebody that likes to talk a lot on twitter. I have anxiety issues that tend to come out sometimes in awkwarness online. I am looking for new friends since I have (mostly) left LJ and am looking for more reasons to check on DW. :)

hi there!

May. 8th, 2017 10:31 am
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hi! i posted at the beginning of this year, but i know there has been an influx of new people AND i have some new fandoms, so here i am again :)

Name: journey
Age: 28
Country: usa (boston, ma specifically)
Subscription/Access Policy: most of my posts are friends only. i usually add back if we have things in common.

Main Fandoms: at the moment: jane the virgin and supergirl for actively watching/fangirling over/etc; harry potter and merlin for actively still consuming fandom works for, sharing recs, etc.
Other Fandoms:  still an active interest, sometimes mentioning, but not primary: sailor moon, criminal minds, leverage, legend of the seeker, miss fisher's murder mysteries, life is strange. don't really mention, but i'll know what you're talking about if you do: psych, xena, a:tla/korra.
Fannish Interests: episodes discussions / meta, fanfiction - mostly reading but i do write a teensy bit.
OTPs and Ships: jane/petra, rogelio/all his bromances (jtv); kara/lena, maggie/alex, lyra/winn (supergirl); harry/draco, sirius/remus, pansy being gay, luna being gay (hp); merlin/arthur, gwen/morgana (merlin); haruka/michiru, usagi/all her senshi (sailor moon); cara/kahlan (legend of the seeker); phryne/mac, dot/happiness (mfmm); morgan/reid (criminal minds); eliot/parker/hardison (leverage); chloe/max (life is strange); shawn/gus (psych)

Favourite Movies: i don't watch movies all that often... i like legally blonde, mulan, and happy lesbian movies. also any female-driven horror (stuff like the descent)
TV Shows: see above: jane the virgin, supergirl, criminal minds, leverage, legend of the seeker, miss fisher's murder mysteries
Books: i'm a big fan of ya fiction and female-centric thrillers. i like gillian flynn and my favorite ya series is the lumatere chronicles by melina marchetta, plus anything by nova ren suma. i have a rule that i only read books by and about women. my goodreads is here!
Music: pop princesses and female folk-pop: selena gomez, carly rae jepsen, rihanna, vienna teng, mandy moore circa wild hope.
Games: i tend to like visual novels and twine games. life is strange is the biggest one but i also like hanako games' long live the queen and the royal trap. for twine i mostly troll itch.io (example: with those we love alive).
Comics/Anime/Misc: mostly sailor moon. fond nostalgia for cardcaptor sakura. oh, under "misc" i used to be in american idol rpf fandom, ha (and that is in fact where i met my wife).

Other Info: uh, i am a married lesbian and vegetarian who loves cats. my politics lean fairly radically liberal but i also appreciate nuance and whenever i take political tests i always have trouble with the answers because i'm like "WELL IT DEPENDS!!" i'm a virgo/libra, enfj/entp, and ravenclaw/slytherin if those things matter to you (yep, see again how i can't make up my mind).


May. 7th, 2017 09:42 pm
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Name: maplemood
Age: 20
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Most of my posts are public; I'll add most anyone if we share similar interests. 

Main Fandoms: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Logan, Pacific Rim.
Other Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (2017), Star Wars, Outlander, Treasure Planet.
Fannish Interests: I adore writing and reading fanfic (either shippy or gen), and gushing/venting about my favorite fandoms.
OTPs and Ships: Frank Castle/Karen Page, Matt Murdock/Elektra Natchios, Jamie/Claire, plus a whole ton of crack ships. 

Favorite Movies: Fury (2017), Pacific Rim, Things We Lost in the Fire, Sicario, Star Wars, The Magnificent Seven (2016), Treasure Planet, Peter Pan (2003), Rain Man.
TV Shows: Pretty much all the MCU shows except Iron Fist (which I haven't got around to watching yet); TURN: Washington's Spies, Sons of Anarchy, Don't Trust the B, Supernatural, My Name is Earl, Raising Hope, Call the Midwife.
Books: Diana Gabaldon, Megan Whalen Turner, J.K. Rowling, Eoin Colfer, Terry Pratchett; lots of fantasy, some scifi.
Music: Bruce Springsteen, Adele, The Lumineers.
Comics: Batman: The Court of Owls, Gotham Academy, Li'l Gotham, Sweet Tooth, Monstress.
Other Info: I adore strong and not-so-strong female characters; my only requirement is that they be interesting. Unexpected and/or unconventional romances give me life. 

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[personal profile] redcirce
Cause I like looking at pretty pictures on tumblr but I miss interacting and squeeing over shows!

Name: Circe
Age: 35 (am I fandom old yet?)
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: As long as you're of age and leave me a comment so I know where you came from, I'll add you back!

Main Fandoms: I'm sort of between big fandoms right now, but the current main thing I'm obsessing over is Riverdale. My previous big fandom was Doctor Who, though I'm not really up to date on Moffatt-era. (classic, RTD era, and Big Finish I all love) Orphan Black, Elementary, Brooklyn 99, Torchwood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series, Labyrinth, X-Men (comics, mostly), Harry Potter, Star Trek (TOS and reboot mostly), Star Wars EU, Mad Max Fury Road, Syfy's Alice miniseries.
Other Fandoms: Honestly, if you throw something with an awesome female protagonist in it at me, I'm pretty much sold. Sarah Conner, Ripley, Underworld, sci-fi/fantasy movies, 80s brat pack, whatever.
Fannish Interests: I read fanfic like it's my job, love meta and fanvids, had a brief career as a semi-popular photomanip maker in a small part of Who fandom, and cosplay for Comicon every year, mostly X-Men but also various other fandoms depending on my interests at the time.
OTPs and Ships: I am all about lady characters and thus mostly interested in het and femmeslash. For het, I mostly ship standard canon ships, for femmeslash I'll ship pretty much anyone. Main ones are probaby Bughead, Doctor/Rose, Spuffy, Buffy/Faith, Jareth/Sarah, Rogue/Gambit, older!Hermione/fan!Snape (yes, yes, I know...), Alice/Hatter, female characters/awesomeness, Clint/Natasha, Harley/Ivy, Leia/Han, Luke/Mara, Max/Furiosa, Cheedo/the Dag.
Favourite Movies: The Fifth Element, Labyrinth, The City of Lost Children, Evil Dead II, Dead Man, Hellboy, Aguirre Wrath of God, Only Lovers Left Alive, Grease, Mad Max: Fury Road
TV Shows: Riverdale, Orphan Black, Elementary, Doctor Who, Brooklyn 99, Buffyverse, Trek, Jessica Jones. Planning to watch iZombie and/or Supergirl next!
Books: A lot of non-fiction and pop science and all the teen fantasy like Garth Nix's Sabriel and Tamora Pierce's various series. Last things I read that were fun and in that vein were The Fall of Ile-Rein books by Martha Wells and Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova.
Music: all things goth, synth and new wave, with soft spots for classic rock, 80s pop and 90s rock. Bowie, Depeche Mode, NIN, Gary Numan, IAMX, Covenant. I'll talk music anytime.
Comics/Anime/Misc: old school X-Men fan, keep vaguely up to date with Marvel universe happenings, Revolutionary Girl Utena is a fave.
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[personal profile] komischkatze
Name: Silver
Age: Old enough to know better
Subscription/Access Policy: I'm open to allowing anyone to have access :) I only really keep my fanfics and occasional personal posts friends-locked, so whether you want to subscribe or have access, it's fine ^^
Main Fandoms: Harry Potter, Pokémon, Gravity Falls
Other Fandoms: Kuroshitsuji, Steven Universe, The Adventure Zone, Danganronpa, Homestuck ... Lots of things, really!
Fannish Interests: I write fanfic! I also post liveblogs/reviews, and sometimes make fanmixes.
OTPs and Ships: I have a shipping wall here! Though it's far from complete.

About Me: I'm looking to make new acquaintances and friends on here! I'm also open to betaing fics if anyone needs that ^^

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[personal profile] phantomdaae1981
Name: PhantomDaae1981, Fosca, Mlle_Allura, PrincessWifey, Kelly.
Age: 36
Country: US
Subscription/Access Policy: Some posts are friends only, but I'll accept anyone as a friend unless I have good reason not to. I also post frequently on LiveJournal, but have also started a DW just in case things go really south at LJ. I cross-post everything.

Main Fandoms: Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Superstar, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Jerome Pradon, musical theatre, Orange Is the New Black, Wentworth, Criminal Minds.
Other Fandoms: Breaking Bad, David Tennant, Napoleon the musical, Crime of Passion the musical, horror movies, Feud Betty and Joan, Sweeney Todd, Disney, Californication, Better Call Saul, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supergirl, Pokemon, vampires, Rent, Spring Awakening, Passion, British comedy.

Fannish Interests: Fanfic (writing and reading), fanvids (making and watching), general discussion, angst, slash, hurt/comfort.
OTPs and Ships: Phantom/Christine/Raoul, Enjolras/Grantaire, Eponine/Marius/Cosette love triangle, Judas/Jesus/Mary love triangle, Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha, Amy/Rory, Daryl/Carol, Rick/Michonne, Napoleon/Josephine, Angel/Collins, Mimi/Roger, Mark/Roger, Joanne/Maureen, Reid/Hotch.

Favourite Movies: Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, Donnie Darko, Napoleon Dynamite.
TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Supergirl, Catfish, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Californication, Nurse Jackie, Wentworth, Orange Is the New Black.
Books: Phantom by Susan Kay, Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, Judy Blume, Wasted by Marya Hornbacher, Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel, various mental health memoirs, horror/fantasy.
Music: The Smiths, Morrissey, Tori Amos, Rasputina, musical theatre, Radiohead, Muse, alt rock, 80s, New Wave, Gothic, Ethereal, 90s.
Games: Chocobo's Dungeon, Shiren the Wanderer, The Sims, trivia games, board games, Jeopardy, Bejeweled, Bubble Witch Saga, any type of simulation game, Pokemon Go, Harvest Moon.
Comics/Anime: Fables (but I haven't read that comic in YEARS), graphic novels, Kiki's Delivery Service, Grave of the Fireflies.
Misc: Hello Kitty, fairies, dragons, Beanie Babies, Victorian era, steampunk, animals, kids, gardening, walking, arts and crafts, loom knitting, poetry, journaling, therapy, scrapbooking, planners, alcohol, decorating, intersectional feminism, spirituality, philosophy.

Other Info: I'm a bisexual, polyamorous cis female. Unitarian Universalist with a strong Wiccan leaning. An auntie, a godmom/momo, a pet-mom. I have major depression, borderline personality disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, hashimoto's thyroiditis, high blood pressure, positive scleroderma antibodies, eczema, acne, etc etc etc. I've been in recovery from self-injury for over 7 years, and have struggled with bulimia in the past. I'm the moderator of the official Facebook fan group for Jerome Pradon.
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[personal profile] ultra_fic
Name: Ultra
Age: 33
Country: UK
Subscription/Access Policy: I'm being less F-locked of late because I'm posting less private stuff, also happy to have new friends :)

Main Fandoms: Gilmore Girls, Firefly, MCU, X-Men, Librarians, Leverage, White Collar, Veronica Mars.
Other Fandoms: OUAT, The 10th Kingdom, Necessary Roughness, The Big Bang Theory.
Fannish Interests: I'm fairly prolific when it comes to fanfiction, though I won't be posting it here, just linking out to Fanfiction.net and/or AO3. Also vid when the mood takes me and make graphics sometimes.
OTPs and Ships: Gilmore Girls - Rory/Jess; Luke/Lorelai; Firefly - River/Jayne + canon ships; MCU - many and variable; X-Men - Logan/Rogue; Librarians - Jake/Cassie; Leverage - Eliot/Parker; White Collar - Neal/Sara; Veronica Mars - Veronica/Logan; Dick/Mac.

Favourite Movies: Star Wars saga, MCU, X-Men, Frozen, Tangled, Sweet Home Alabama, 27 Dresses, A Knights Tale, Beastly, California Man, Benny & Joon, The Breakfast Club, Clueless, Legally Blonde, Pride & Prejudice (1995).
TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Librarians, Leverage, Firefly, Veronica Mars, White Collar, Timeless, Lethal Weapon.
Books: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn, A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall, Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Generally, I love a good YA romance novel, or a TV tie-in. Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends interests me too.
Music: Cheap Trick, Barenaked Ladies, The Ramones, and Christian Kane are all favourites. Big on classic rock but also pop, punk, pop-punk, country rock, a whole bunch of stuff really!

Other Info: Writing is my greatest hobby, mostly fanfic but also original stuff. I'm a real homebody, love my family and my house, not into travel or partying. Online-wise, I just moved to DW from LJ and would love to make new friends here. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask :)
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[personal profile] skye_writer
Name: Skye
Age: 27
Country: United States
Subscription/Access Policy: I've mostly been flocking my entries, but I'm willing to add just about anyone if our interests align.
Main Fandoms: Doctor Who, TRON
Other Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pacific Rim, Disney, Star Wars; I have a strong interest in many others, check my profile.
Fannish Interests: Mostly I write fanfic, though I have been known to make graphics and icons as well.
OTPs and Ships: River Song x The Doctor, Amy Pond x Rory Williams, others for more minor fandoms
Favourite Movies: Pacific Rim, TRON, TRON: Legacy, Beauty and the Beast, The Dark Knight, My Neighbor Totoro, Chungking Express, many many MANY others
TV Shows: Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, Young Justice
Books: everything by Robin McKinley; Discworld, The Fault in Our Stars, The Old Kingdom Series (Garth Nix), The Protector of the Small quartet (Tamora Pierce)
Music: not big into music fandom, but I like Daft Punk, They Might Be Giants, Florence + The Machine, many others
Games: player: Pokemon, Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley; watcher: The Legend of Zelda
Comics/Anime/Misc: I have a few of the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel trades and love them a lot. Not big into anime.
Other Info: in re: Doctor Who - I am an unapologetic Steven Moffat fan, fair warning.

I have an interest in a lot of things, as has been made obvious here, but I don't actively participate in many fandoms. Right now I'm big into TRON and Doctor Who, and I'm mostly writing for TRON at the moment. I guess I kind of have a bit of fandom hyperfocus? I don't generally write for more than one thing at a time, though it has happened in the past.

I tend to post about my RL activities, though I have also of late been talking about my progress on my latest fanfic. Also worrying about [community profile] tron_comm , the TRON community I started a couple weeks back (always looking for new members, incidentally!). I promise I'll try to be interesting.
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Name[personal profile] juliandarling 
Age: 26
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Mostly flocked, but always happy to add folks/new friends.

Fannish Interests: Marvel Universe, Age of Sail (Black Sails, Horatio Hornblower, Aubrey/Maturin, and more!), Star Wars, Star Trek, Rivers of London, Hannibal,  and MORE. I also read hockey and baseball RPF, although not as much as in the past. Love rarefic/rarelit, and comic universes as well. 
I like to post about: In the past I've done a lot of recs and personal posts, but I've been thinking of delving into using my DW as a drabble land/experimentation zone. 
About Me/Other Info: I took a VERY long break from fandom, and mostly read by myself and didn't produce anything. I'm a saucy archivist by day, and cat dad/mum by night. My pronouns are they/them. 

ISO: I'm looking for friends again, but definitely want to find other folks who find a lot of joy in reading/creating in a million different fandoms. Bonus points if you like introducing folks to new fandoms. I'm also looking for folks who like to support each other in writing and creating, and also I can help with beta reading (I was accredited by Perfect Imagination back in the day). Hit me up if you like cats, queer theory, and ALL the fandoms ;D 
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[personal profile] spoonorita
Name: spoony

Age: 29

Country: united states

Subscription/Access Policy: 99% public

Fannish Interests: my top fandoms are kingdom hearts, steven universe and skyrim, and I write fic and draw fanart (mostly for kingdom hearts).

I like to post about: random daily life, fandom stuff and creepy stuff.

OTPs and Ships: Akusai for kingdom hearts. I don’t have any otps for su, but i do like ships involving the crystal gems as well as stevonnie.

About Me/Other Info: my sticky post has all if the info you need.


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