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Name: Syven
Age: Old enough to know better and still do it. :)
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Fandom writing / Open

Main Fandoms: Marvel MCU
Other Fandoms: Lucifer
Fannish Interests: Roleplaying (PSLs/GPSLs), writing (adult)
OTPs and Ships: Bucky Barnes/Jane Foster, Steve Rogers/Jane Foster

Favourite Movies: CA: Winter Soldier; CA:Civil War; Thor; Pacific Rim, Star Trek.
TV Shows: Lucifer; Bones

Seeking: Potential writing partners or friends who share my unusual ship. I write mainly on Insanejournal and back up to Dreamwidth, but I love DW so much more. It's only inactivity that keeps me from using it more.
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I posted a couple of years ago but died off on DW so thought I'd repost as I'm back.

Name: - Alex(andra)
Age: getting towards 30
Country: Australia
Subscription/Access Policy: friends only, happy to add pretty much anyone though

Fannish Interests: Fandoms that usually crop up a lot - Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, MCU (Movies, Agent Carter kind of AoS). I read fanfic, make icons ([personal profile] songsofstardust) and do text based RP over on Insanejournal. Others include Battlestar Galactica, Stargate etc. Lots of Sci-Fi and crime based shows.

Currently enjoying: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, Madam Secretary but I don't have much spare time to watch stuff these days

I like to post about: I'll talk about shows, I talk about my life a lot and I touch on various random thoughts too. I'll talk about conventions if I go to them and fanfic if I write it which is rare. Just whatever is on my mind really?

About Me/Other Info:

♥ Studied librarianship & archiving but work as a receptionist/clerk at a law firm
♥ I do freelance archiving (I'm setting up the Bugatti Club's archives)
♥ I suffer from anxiety and depression so that pops up a bit in my posts - everything will be cut
♥ I read a lot and run a slightly behind book review website
♥ I love History, especially British history & Shakespeare. Also the regency period.
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Name: Gwyn
Age: 30s
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Open
Favourite Movies: Marvel, I’m not all that big on movies. I wait for them to either come on demand or Netflix. 
TV Shows:  Teen Wolf, Supernatural, This is Us, Northwoods Law, Major Crimes, Say Yes to the Dress,  Criminal Minds, NCIS, Fear the Walking Dead, Fargo (Don’t fuck it up this season guys), The 100.
Books: I’m really into post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic. My goodreads is here.
Music: According to Google Music I really like Kaleo, Bastille, Cold War Kids, Halsey, ZZ Ward.
Games: Fallout 4, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Stardew Valley, Anyone remember the Resistance series? Ratchet and Clank, Spyro (Oh I wish they’d bring him back). I have a potato for a laptop. Integrated graphics, yo.
Comics/Anime/Misc: Deadpool, Saga, DMZ, Fables, Letter 44, Morning Glories, Revival, The Walking Dead (Meh), Y- The last man, Young Avengers, Sandman, Some Marvel.
Also known as: Gwyntastic, or JadedGinger.

Other Info: I have cats. I mean come on. Who doesn’t love a girl that games and has cats? Oh. Balls.
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okay I've opened & redone this damn post 400 times already so I'm just gonna POST IT.

Name: vbaby
Age: 25
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: I flock all my personal posts but almost all of them are available upon friending! the only ones that aren't are on a "super private" filter, haha. I'm trying to blog more & make more friends this year, so I'm hoping to post at the least once a week! so if you have pretty similar interests & you're interested in chatting plz friend me! my fandom stuff will all likely be public, ftr.
note: I don't friend anyone younger than 18! so please keep that in mind. I really prefer people being 20+.

cut for rambles! )
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Name: You can call me Rania
Age: 17
Country: Egypt
Subscription/Access Policy: Personal posts are F.Locked, but everything else is public. As long as we have something in common, add me and I'll add you back.

Main Fandoms: BBC Merlin, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones and Supernatural.
Other Fandoms: Marvel, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, Naruto, Sherlock Holmes (Books and RDJ movies. Haven't seen the TV show ye.)
Fannish Interests: I like reading, writing, having long chats about head canon, recommending and talking about fanfiction.
OTPs and Ships: Merlin/Arthur, Sherlock/John, Harry/Draco, Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas, Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Gabriel, Arthur/Eames. I'm a slash multi-shipper.

Favourite Movies: Iron Man, Pride and Prejudice, Avengers, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean.
TV Shows: As well as the ones mentioned above, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Friends, Glee. Books: Series: Harry Potter, In Company of Shadows, Sacrifices Arc (Epic HP fanfic series), A Song of Ice and Fire.
Genres: Fantasy, M/M Romance, Dystopia, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, the list goes on.
Music: Rock, Instrumental and Alternative Music. Especially My Chemical Romace, Michael Jackson, Queen, Yanni, Mozart, Imagine Dragons, Fun, Ed Sheeran etc..
Games: none other than The Sims.
Comics/Anime/Misc: I have read a few mangas (Naruto, Girl Friends.)but that's it. But I'm interested in trying more.

Other Info: I'm also into writing, feminism, LGBTQIA rights, history, philosophy, psychology, and ancient cultures.
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Name: kathkin
Age: 23
Country: UK
Subscription/Access Policy: Journal is mostly access-only, though I post some fandom stuff publically.

Main Fandoms: ATM my primary fandom is BBC's Merlin. Am also big into Doctor Who (New and Classic, esp Peter Davison's Doctor), Young Justice, In The Flesh, Gravity Falls and Diana Wynne Jones.
Other Fandoms: Discworld, Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, NBC's Hannibal, Neil Gaiman, ASOIAF, various DCAU things.
Fannish Interests: Fanfic and discussion, mainly. Graphics-appreciation!
OTPs and Ships: Too many. Remain a big Arthur/Merlin shipper, plus pretty much any femslash.

Favourite Movies: Oh, boy. Of all time: Star wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Serenity, Grosse Pointe Blank, The Blues Brother, Fantasia, How to Train Your Dragon. Lately, loved Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Only Lovers Left Alive.
TV Shows: Pretty much all of Joss Whedon's shows (though I've not see Agents of Shield yet). Avatar: The Last Airbender. I, Claudius. Misfits. Game of Thrones.
Books: Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix. His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, Temeraire by Naomi Novik, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I also have a classical studies degree, so, er, Virgil's Aeneid, the Iliad, the Oresteia, and currently obssessing over Euripides's Hippolytus.
Music: Eclectic. The last albums I bought were: the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix, a collection of Tchaikovsky's ballets, Joy Division, and the Blues Brothers soundtrack.
Games: Not a big gamer, but I enjoy puzzle-games. Love Myst and all its sequels, Submachine, Daymare Town, and a bunch of games on Orisinal.
Comics/Anime/Misc: The last anime I watched was Mushishi, but otherwise I have nothing to say here except that I am always up for recs.
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Name: soaring_dreams
Age: 19
Subscription/Access Policy: Errr... I'll tell you when I've figured out how this DW thing works. :D

Main Fandoms: Teen Wolf, HP, Avengers, BtVS, Doctor Who
Other Fandoms: Lost Girl, Dollhouse
Fannish Interests: squeeing, watching shows/movies, writing, reading, drawing
OTPs and Ships: I'm fairly multi-shippery with most fandoms

Books: I like to read a lot of YA fantasy/sci-fi, but university sometimes requires me to branch out beyond that. :D
Music: Indie, Rock, Rap, Pop,... I'm not that choosy when it comes to genre.
Comics/Anime/Misc: Err.. lately I've only been reading the Buffy comics, but I remember really enjoying Yoko Tsuno (I think that was the name) and Asterix & Obelix when I was younger. xD

Other Info: I'm just looking for like-minded people to geek out with. If we're a fit, don't be shy. :) Most of what I post will concern fandom, but if I run across something else I like, I'll probably rec it.
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Name: Margareth
Age: 29
Main Fandoms: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Luther, The Good Wife, Community, Elementary, comics. I suspect Warehouse 13 will be a fandom once I get back to watching it, if the first six episodes were any indication. Buffyverse for ever and ever. Icons are totally a fandom, as are vids.

Fannish Interests: I make icons a lot([community profile] forsquares), and am continuously failing to get back into writing. Trying my hand at vidding finally! I like having a variety of things in my circle though, be it meta, fics, episode reactions, or that awesome cake you baked last week. I also tend to post woefully outdated linkspams and recs(you just wait for my Yuletide recs to hit lol). Not overly pairings focused, but I do like it more when the relationship is messy/complicated(Luther/Alice, Patti/Ellen, Boomer/Chief and yes I'm ignoring season 4, Wesley/Lilah, Violet/Tate, Nikita/Owen)(ah but that is somewhat a LIE because Ann/Leslie is the friendship unicorn OF ALL TIME, and let's not get into Troy/Abed or *koff* Jeff/Dean Pelton), and things seem to get much more interesting when three people are involved(Audrey/Nathan/Duke, Kalinda/Alicia/Cary or Cary/Kalinda/Geneva, Nikita/Michael/Alex) - but still, it's all about the character dynamics and less about the getting in the pants. Have a rather sad tendency to fall in love with the tertiary characters. Ensembles=♥

Favourite Movies: Anything Quentin Tarantino, Chan-Wook park, Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch, and David Cronenberg. Pixar movies(except Cars). I used to love Kevin Smith. Black Swan, Drive, Terminator 2, Chronicles of Riddick series(yay new movie coming), Galaxy Quest, Long Kiss Goodnight, Heathers, Beetlejuice, Silence of the Lambs, Dogma, Where The Wild Things Are, Donnie Darko, Gia, Empire Records, Dazed and Confused, Leon, Marie Antoinette, Batman Begins(love a lot of them, but Catwoman eee) The Matrix, The Fifth Element, Unbreakable, Serenity, 28 Days Later, Hard Candy, 12 Monkeys, Alien(s), Girl Interrupted, American Beauty, Mysterious Skin, Stranger Than Fiction.

This probably tells you more about my inability to pick favorites than anything else. While growing up I intermittently wanted to be Winona Ryder, a mermaid, Catwoman, and Pepetko(Cinderella in a Russian Christmas movie). And then Sarah Connor and Samantha Caine/Charly Baltimore came into my life. If a movie has a competent/interesting female character in a vital role my odds of loving it increase exponentially(see: I own all the Resident Evil movies despite the very poor writing, because they are awesome when it comes to the ladies).

TV Shows: The Good Wife, Luther, Community(breaks my heart but I might drop this tbh), Elementary, Dexter(severely dropped in quality, but Debra Morgan!), The Borgias, Parks And Recreation, Nurse Jackie, Lost Girl, Southland, Mad Men, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, My Mad Fat Diary, Orphan Black, Haven, Warehouse 13(s1), Nikita, New Girl, Teen Wolf, Veep, Archer, Arrested Development.

For ever and ever crying over the cancellation of Better off Ted, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Legend of the Seeker. Why isn't anything taking place in space btw? :(

Books: GoodReads.

Music: Ane Brun, Fever Ray, The National, Patti Smith, The Arcade Fire, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Adele, Florence+The Machine, Mumford and Sons, Neko Case, Radiohead, The Kills, Big Bang, Arctic Monkeys, Sigur Rós, Morrissey, Bob Dylan, Juliette & The Licks, Bad Religion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Madrugada, Janelle Monae, Madonna, Anna Calvi, Green Day, etc.

Comics/Anime/Misc: Reading a lot more comics these days, with Saga and Mara being my top two picks, but also pulling Angel & Faith, Captain Marvel, and Batwoman. Casting furtive glances at Journey Into Mystery and Hawkeye, plus working my way through the Batgirl back-catalog. Recently finished Fallen Angel, which was a lot of fun towards the end. Love love love The Losers(Alisha al Fadhil omg), Runaways(we all know where to stop there, right?), the Sandman books, Calvin & Hobbes, Gotham Central, Black Widow: Name of the Rose, Batwoman: Elegy.

Other Info: Prefer friends to be from the age of 20 and up, and also people who comment so there's actual interaction going on. Ladies are awesome; if you're always about the dudes we are unlikely to find common ground. I'm ever so tentatively starting to do stuff in the kitchen, so expect some cooking talk here and there. Also getting into yoga. The X-box is where go into outer space and get to be Space Jesus via Commander Shepherd and it is the greatest thing out of all the things. I also own a wii, which is useful for overcoming just about any embarrassment squick ever. Looking like a silly bastard ftw \o/
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Name: Yenah
Age: upper twenties
Location: Europe
Subscription/Access Policy: I'd prefer people I add to be over eighteen; other than that, ask and I'll subscribe and give you access. :) (I'm happier if it's unproblematic for us to remove each other again, though). My journal is usually roughly half locked half open.

Main Fandoms: Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, The Avengers+Thor
Other Fandoms: Yugioh, Discworld, Death Note, Merlin (BBC), Dollhouse, The Slayers, Highlander the series, The Three Musketeers trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Greek mythology (=fandoms I've actually been [somewhat] active in in the past); The Borgias, Weiss Kreuz, Lord of the Rings+The Hobbit, A Song of Ice and Fire, Good Omens, BtvS, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, White Collar, Petshop of Horrors, Harry Potter (=fandoms where I am/was somewhat aware of online fandom; this is not an exhaustive list...).
Fannish Interests: mainly more or less seriously discussing canon/fandom, reading and writing fic, and watching fanvids.
OTPs and Ships: Rumple/Regina is my favourite in OUAT (other than that, what I like best tends to depend on whose interaction I really liked that week, though I'm partial to anything involving Rumple, Regina, Emma, or/and Hook), and Loki/pretty much everyone he interacts with in MCU.

Favourite Movies: Some Like It Hot, The Last Unicorn, The Big Lebowski
TV Shows: aside from the ones mentioned above I recently sort of got into How I Met Your Mother
Books: favourite genres are fantasy (especially high fantasy/separate world fantasy) and historical fiction.
Comics/Anime/Misc: Donald Duck comics, Astérix, webcomics; The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Other Info: I'm ramasi on lj and tumblr.
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Name: Lisa
Age: 33
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: F-Locked

Main Fandoms: Castle | Criminal Minds | Grimm | Mad Men | Nashville | Once Upon a Time | Parenthood | Revolution | Supernatural | The Walking Dead | True Blood
Other Fandoms: Breaking Bad | Community | Glee | 30 Rock | Angel the Series | Buffy the Vampire Slayer | CSI: Las Vegas (Until Grissom left) | CSI: New York | Dollhouse | Downton Abbey | Firefly/Serenity | Gilmore Girls | Harry Potter | Heroes | Leverage | Lord of the Rings | Parks and Recreation | Roswell | Sex and the City | Star Trek: Original Series | Star Trek: The Next Generation | The Office | Vikings
Fannish Interests: Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Roleplay.
OTPs and Ships: Castle/Becket | Buffy/Angel | Dawn/Xander | Eric/Sookie | Mal/Inara | Morgan/Garcia

Favourite Movies: LotR | Avengers | My Fair Lady | Musicals in general
TV Shows: All things Joss Whedon created | Criminal Minds | The Walking Dead | Star Trek: The Next Generation
Books: Jane Eyre | Pride and Prejudice | Wuthering Heights | Anne of Green Gables | Hunger Games Series | The Fever Series | Morganville Vampires
Music: I like some of everything, honestly. But my favorites are Aerosmith, Frank Sinatra, Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift...
Games: N/a
Comics/Anime/Misc: I read the Buffy comics, The Walking Dead comics and some Marvel.

Other Info: I talk about things in my journal from fannish things to RL things to hobbies to the ridiculous. But! Fannish things are there too.
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Name: [personal profile] twilightsorcery
Age: mid-thirties
Country: US
Subscription/Access Policy: I don't flock very much, but if you have a pressing need to read my more personal posts, I'll friend people with whom I've had some interaction of note.

Main Fandoms: Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time
Other Fandoms: Bones, Tin Man, Sandman, Avengers, X-Men, Buffy/Angel, Avatar/Korra, Doctor Who/Torchwood
Fannish Interests: I make fanart (digital paiting and pencils, mostly) and love reading fic. Sometimes I combine the two and illustrate. I do post adult content, but it's clearly marked and behind a cut.
OTPs and Ships: OUAT: Rumbelle is my current obsession, but I love femslash, so there's some Mulan/Aurora, Emma/Regina, and Ruby/anybody in the mix. HP: Absolutely anybody, though I'm partial to femslash and Snape.

Favourite Movies: Shadowlands, Water, Avengers, Watchmen, Earth Girls Are Easy
TV Shows: other than the above -- Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Firefly, Parks & Rec, Cowboy Bebop, Leverage, Dollhouse, Ugly Betty, Portlandia, Warehouse 13, Heroes, Dexter, The Dresden Files
Books: Robin McKinley - Beauty, Jenny Crusie - Bet Me, Sarah Kuhn - One Con Glory, Tamora Pierce - Alanna series, GRRM - Song of Ice and Fire series, Jenny Lawson - Let's Pretend This Never Happened, David Graeber - Debt: The First 5,000 Years, along with everything else on my overflowing bookshelves.
Music: Audra McDonald, Flogging Molly, Nightwish, Bella Morte, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Mary Chapin Carpenter, the choir of Saint Clement's Philadelphia, Paul and Storm, and countless others. I'm a music magpie.
Games: I have an addictive personality and too many time sink hobbies as it is. :-P
Comics/Anime/Misc: Webcomics! Questionable Content, Girl Genius, Order of the Stick, Hark! A Vagrant, Oglaf, xkcd, Gunnerkrigg Court

Other Info: My updates vary in frequency. I crosspost under the same name to DW, LJ, and IJ. My content is mostly fannish, but I sometimes also post political stuff (lefty/feminist) and real life updates.
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Name: Zeta
Age: 27
Country: US
Subscription/Access Policy: Whatever. Very little of what I post is under F-lock

Main Fandoms: Thor, the Avengers
Other Fandoms: I may talk about other things, but I'm not terribly active in anything else
Fannish Interests: Fic, meta, discussion, moaning about kinkmemes and Tumblr
OTPs and Ships: I'm pretty gen, but Loki/Darcy and Loki/Sif both hold special places in my heart

Favourite Movies: Fifth Element, Brat Pack (even the crap ones), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
TV Shows: I don't know. Apparently Doctor Who is happening soon?
Books: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, mostly I read a lot of magazines lately
Music: Wicked Tinkers, Skálmöld, Ballboy, other music
Games: Minecraft, Dwarfs!
Comics/Anime/Misc: Hellboy, Thor, Journey into Mystery

Other Info: Have a fic rec. Sitwell is awesome. So is Blake.
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Name: Mac
Age: thirties
Country: UK
Subscription/Access Policy: I'm looking to populate my DW circle, so pretty open really - though I would prefer over eighteens.

Main Fandoms: MCU (esp. Avengers) and Heroes. Tea, if that counts.
Other Fandoms: I'm not active in the fandoms, but I am interested in: Leverage; Doctor Who (both old skool and NuWho - Five, Eight and Nine are my faves); Elementary; Beauty and the Beast (both old and new series); Dresden Files; Firefly; Death in Paradise; Sherlock; Misfits of Science; Primeval; Wallander; Robin of Sherwood; Castle; Freakylinks; X-Files; Black Books; IT Crowd; Motive; Diana Wynne Jones; Terry Pratchett; Kim Newman; Hollow Crown ...and I know I've forgotten a load.
Fannish Interests: 99% fic, but sometimes I'll whip up some icons, draw something, or drop a screencap fest. You may be able to tempt me into RP but some bad previous experiences mean I'll literally run and hide if there's drama. No, really.
OTPs and Ships: Peter/Sylar/(Gabriel) and (Bruce)/Hulk/Loki.

Favourite Movies: Ones I can watch over and over include Tremors; Up; Avengers; Neverending Story; Star Trek (reboot); Star Trek 4; Lilo & Stitch; Hook; and Alive and Kicking. There are more but my mind's going blank.
TV Shows: Heroes; Leverage; Elementary; Motive; Death in Paradise; Misfits of Science; Black Books; Castle.
Books: pretty much all of Diana Wynne Jones' books; the Rivers of London books; The Dark is Rising Sequence; The Last Unicorn; River God; Accidental Creatures; the Chet and Bernie Mysteries; and Tanya Huff's Blood books, among others. On average I read somewhere around fifty books a year so this list grows.
Music: I have really eclectic taste so a list is probably a bit pointless.
Games: Dragonvale; The Room; Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary.
Misc: Fibre crafts; folklore; original fic; cute gifs.

Other Info:

I'm an LJ refugee looking to set up over here, where they don't seem to hate migraine sufferers quite so much. I have a dog and two cats, all of whom are assholes in entertaining ways; I'm also gay and mentally ill, so if you have issues with either - and that includes thinking you can cure serious mental problems with vitamins and happy thoughts - then please ignore this post. It'll be easier for everyone in the long run. And I'm a bit of a spoiler phobe, though in return I tend to spoiler-cut like a boss. Also I do write some mpreg; reading/friending/access doesn't come with any expectation that you'll read my fic, I just thought it was worth mentioning in case the thought of me talking about shit-that-is-going-wrong-with-this-goddamn-plot puts some people off. Oh, and I like to cook too.


Jan. 22nd, 2013 01:05 pm
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Name: Tash
Age: 28? maybe.
Country: New Zealand
Subscription/Access Policy: be close to my age(ish) and be active(ish) on dw?

Main Fandoms: Teen Wolf (i know), Avengers, Hart of Dixie, Nikita, the Whedonverse, Elementary, Beauty and the Beast & Once Upon a Time
Other Fandoms: Stargate, Grimm, Legend of the Seeker, Star Trek, a bunch more
Fannish Interests: Icons, but also everything else, if a consumer not a creator all the time.
OTPs and Ships: McShep, Kirk/McCoy, Lavon/Lemon, Clint/Coulson, Natasha/Bruce, Vala/Daniel, Parker/Hardison, everyone/everyone on teen wolf, Nikita/Michael & everyone/everyone on Nikita too. Mulan/Aurora, Red/Belle, Red/everyone actually, billy/teddy!

Favourite Movies: Star Trek (reboot), AVENGERS, Stardust, Serenity, 13 going on 30, Push, The Losers, Love, Actually & disney movies + more.
TV Shows: all the above + everything ever. alias, alphas, avatar: the last airbender, battlestar, castle, continuum, cougar town, farscape, flashforward, fringe, go on, haven, himym, leverage, parks and recreation, psych, pushing daises, rizzoli and isles, scandal, the legend of korra, V, veronica mars, warehouse 13, wonderfalls
Books: Raymond E Feist, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Tess Gerritson, Artemis Fowl, Marian Keyes, Robin Hobb, Ceclia Arhen, and like a million more.
Music: adele, ccr, ingrid michaelson, old music, florence and the machine, imagine dragons!
Games: I don't play many games, I've played Guild wars a lot in the past, some lego star wars. i'm not really a gamer. I love board games ;D
Comics/Anime/Misc: I read a lot of marvel, but some DC & some random otherstuff. Mostly western comics, i don't read any manga atm. avengers, birds of prey, x-men, spider-man, young avengers, huntress, captain marvel etc.

Other Info: :D
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Name: Val
Age: 22
Country: Canada
Subscription/Access Policy: none/will add anyone

Main Fandoms: Marvel (movieverse and comics), Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Avengers, X-Men, The Hunger Games, Mass Effect
Other Fandoms: Game of Thrones, Chuck, Farscape, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Dune series, Elder Scrolls series, Portal, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Fallout: New Vegas
Fannish Interests: Fic, graphics, discussing stuff
OTPs and Ships: Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, Tommy Shepherd/Kate Bishop(/Eli Bradley), Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, Annie Cresta/Finnick Odair, FemShep/Garrus, FemShep/Liara, Doctor/Master (any era!)
Favorite Characters (at the moment): Billy Kaplan, Tommy Shepherd, Wanda Maximoff, Erik Lehnsherr, Kate Bishop, Johanna Mason, Cinna, Garrus Vakarian, Legion, Mordin, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

Favourite Movies: Star Trek, The Avengers, The Hunger Games
TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Chuck, Farscape, Doctor Who, Buffy/Angel, Battlestar Galactica
Books: Dune series, The Hunger Games, LoTR/The Hobbit
Games: Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls series, Portal, Final Fantasy IX, X, XII, Fallout (New Vegas especially)
Comics/Anime/Misc: Marvel, mostly (movieverse, X-Men, Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Avengers)

Other Info: I moved here from livejournal after a long hiatus, and I'm looking to get back into fandom :)
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Name: Andrea
Age: 28
Country: US
Subscription/Access Policy: Adding everyone who shares similar fannish interests and even people who don't - I find fandoms via friends, sometimes, so we don't necessarily have to have a lot of stuff in common.

Main Fandoms: The Avengers, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Batman, RPF.
Other Fandoms: Pitch Perfect, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Lost Girl, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, Scandal.
Fannish Interests: Discussion, meta, fic, pic spam, gratuitous gifs in comments.
OTPs and Ships: I will pretty much ship anything and anyone if it's written well, but these days I'm into Hook/Aurora (because I'm planning an epic, adventure fic for this ship), Clintasha, Darcy Lewis/her taser, Jess Day/Nick Miller, Schmidt/his reflection, Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, Fat Amy/her harem, Jean-Ralphio/EVERYONE.

Movies: Pitch Perfect, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, What's Your Number, The Nines (if anyone has heard of this/seen this and loved it like I have, I would like to buy you a coffee and hold your hand), Whip It (any girl-centric movie, really).
TV Shows: Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, 2 Broke Girls, Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Glee, Parks and Rec, Lost Girl, Vampire Diaries, Almighty Johnsons, Rizzoli and Isles, White Collar, Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal. (It occurs to me I watch an embarrassing amount of television.)
Books: Well, I obviously hate John Green. Libba Bray's Going Bovine, Juliet Marillier books, fairytale retellings, high, low, and epic fantasy. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
Music: Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, City and Colour, Tinie Tempah, Iron and Wine, Joshua Radin.
Games: I used to play World of Warcraft and I miss it very, very much. I miss farming. That's how badly I miss Warcraft.
Comics/Anime/Misc: Aside from Marvel Zombies, I don't really follow, but I have all the Walking Dead comics sitting around waiting to be read (but I don't know what the point is without Daryl Dixon).

Other Info: I like commenting around and talking to people on my flist, but I've been away from LJ for so long that I missed the great leap to Dreamwidth. It'd be lovely to acquire some pals that are into Once Upon A Time especially. I especially like people that aren't like some of the weirdos on tumblr who violently defend their ship and curse out everyone that likes something different. Let's coexist! I also should say that I'm very pro-women. If you're the kind of person that writes fics about women who can pass the Bedchel test or you like fics containing women who can pass the Bedchel test, you are my type of person, okay? Okay.


Nov. 10th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Name: You may address me as either Q or Illustrious Logician Supreme until we are better acquainted.
Age: 23
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: My journal is utterly devoid of content because I do not know anyone yet! I require friends before there is any point posting anything. Not sure what the policy will be once I do; some stuff will probably be locked, some stuff open.

Main Fandoms: Torchwood, Avengers (mostly movies, also comics when I can get 'em), BBC Sherlock, Star Trek TOS/2009, Jeeves & Wooster
Other Fandoms: Psmith, Elementary, White Collar, Star Trek Enterprise, Husbands, X-Men: First Class, Downton Abbey, Mean Girls, Doctor Who (old and new), various tokusatsu. Sometimes I wander off into Johnny's & Associates and kpop/Thai pop land.
Fannish Interests: Fic and discussion, mostly.
OTPs and Ships: Jeeves/Wooster, Jack Harkness/universe, Tony Stark/universe, Jack Harkness/Tony Stark/universe, Mycroft/Lestrade, Kirk/Spock/McCoy and all permutations thereof, Charles/Erik. I have few hard-and-fast OTPs, and I ship pretty much everything that I don't find morally repugnant. My preferred pairings are usually queer in some form or another for a variety of reasons.

Favourite Movies: Beautiful Boxer, Victor/Victoria, Tank Girl, Sweet Smell of Success, The Odd Couple, Some Like It Hot, The Browning Version, The Philadelphia Story, Ninja Assassin, Bringing Up Baby, ANYTHING WITH CARY GRANT EVER BECAUSE HE IS A FLAWLESS SPECIMEN OF HUMANITY
TV Shows: The Prisoner, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, The Daily Show
Books: Good Omens, Neuromancer, The Shadow of the Wind, gay mysteries (Jas Anderson, Adrien English, Henry Rios, Donald Strachey)
Music: traditional Eastern European, Scandinavian, and Celtic music; big band and swing; various classical composers (Barber, Vaughn Williams, Takemitsu, Tavener, Hovhaness, Debussy, Rimsky-Korsakov, Beethoven); Adam Lambert, John Fullbright, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Donna Summer, Placebo, pretty much anything that isn't morally offensive
Games: If we're talking board games and the like, I adore go/baduk and am fond of chess (although I am dreadful at it) and Risk. If we're talking video games, nothing.
Comics/Anime/Misc: Maria-sama ga miteru, Witch Hunter Robin, Prince of Tennis. Comics are a bit of a foreign beast in that they're expensive and my netbook screen is not equipped to read them easily, but I'm fond of Marvel in any form. And I quite like the sole existing chapter of Watson and Holmes.

Other Info: I talk about queer things a fair bit. The whole spectrum of queer things, from sexuality and gender to the lack thereof and beyond. If my fandom isn't already pretty damn queer, I WILL MAKE IT SO. This is how I roll. Hetero-cis-thingness has no place in my fannish experience because it is everywhere around me every day and fandom is the one place I can vicariously live a happily non-closeted life.


Nov. 7th, 2012 04:45 am
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Name: Zeta_Tauri
Age: 26
Country: US
Subscription/Access Policy: Open to everyone. I'm not picky about who reads me or even if they comment. Conversely, I don't comment on everything, but I do tend to read everything that pops up.

Main Fandoms: mainly Marvel-shaped fandoms.
Other Fandoms: Also somewhat interested, though not terribly active in the various Holmesian fandoms. And Doctor Who to an even lesser extent
Fannish Interests: Art, fic, meta discussion. I love me some meta.
OTPs and Ships: Don't really have any. I'll read just about anything, and will write what seems interesting, but for the most part, I'm pretty gen

Favourite Movies: Hot Fuzz, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lilo and Stitch. One of these things is not like the others.
TV Shows: Top Gear, Doctor Who, Elementary. I'm really looking forward to the new SHIELD show. Also, it's a web series, but I'm totally in love with Shadow of Israphel.
Books: Hitchhiker's Guide, Sock, Sideways (one of the few instances where I thought the movie had a better ending, actually)
Music: Pretty much anything. There may be certain artists I don't care for, but all the genres have their good bits.
Games: Minecraft. The Sims.
Comics/Anime/Misc: the new Hawkeye run, Thor/Journey into Mystery. Anything by Brian K Vaughan.

Other Info: My journal's a mix of random fandom crap and me wittering on about whatever's going on around me at the time. Which is, lately, not a whole lot.
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Name: Lily
Age: In my 20s
Country: Russia~
Subscription/Access Policy: depends on what I post, but usually the more personal posts are friends only~

Main Fandoms: Hetalia, Inuyasha, Pandora Hearts.
Other Fandoms: Way too many! Although have a short list, Oban star racers, Sailor moon, friends, fresh prince, Haibane Renmei, Charmed, Samantha who?, Naruto, Bleach, Korra and many others!
Fannish Interests: Icons, coloring manga and such~
OTPs and Ships: All the APH ships... there are too many.

Favourite Movies: Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Iron man 1&2, hunger games~ and a lot others but these are the ones I'm currently fanning over~
TV Shows: Friends, Firefly, Fresh prince, how i met your mother, supernatural, teen wolf. a lot of k-drama too!
Books: Harry potter, game of thrones, hunger games.
Music: So many! although taylor swift, classics and a bunch others.
Games: Tales of Eteria, call of duty, beyond good and evil and such!

Other Info: You should know that I'm bisexual and in case that puts you off then don't add me! and that it's best to add me on aim as well to keep in touch with me, and that on my journal I mostly post some personal things with the occational fandom things. So I would like some nice friends, yes~?
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Name: Noa. You can also call me Kargodia if you're really bored.
Age: 15 (why is everyone older than me around here?)
Country: Israel, BITCHES (or something. Not that cool of a country, but, you know, home pride and all.)

Subscription/Access Policy: Open. I admit that I've made this account months back and haven't been active at the slightest. At the meanwhile I've started accostuming (is that even a word? :<) to Livejournal and forgot about Dreamwidth entirely; then yesterday remembered this place and signed in and started moving shit around.
Which means that I don't even have any posts yet. Bleh.

Willing to add anyone that has at least one interest in common! :)

The rest under a cut. It's better like that.

Fandoms and such )


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