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Name: Mer/waketosleep
Age: 31
Country: Canada
Subscription/Access Policy: Subscribe away; I subscribe back if I'm paying attention. I grant access sparingly but my locked posts aren't super common, and are more detailed/specific personal life stuff that I don't want to end up in google results.

Main Fandoms: Star Trek Reboot (at least historically), GenKill, Star Wars, Marvel
Other Fandoms: I randomly touch down in different TV/video game fandoms, and I consistently lurk fics on some pairings but don't post about them.
Fannish Interests: I write.
OTPs and Ships: Kirk/Spock, Brad/Nate (GenKill), Darcy/Hawkeye, Steve/Bucky, random ships that I seize on when they catch my eye. American Gods is starting to have me shipping Laura/Mad Sweeney. *facepalm*

Favourite Movies: Alien series, Terminator series, Looper, Mad Max series, 28 Days Later, most of Melissa McCarthy's movies, the Bourne trilogy, North by Northwest, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Casablanca, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, American Psycho, the True Grit remake...
TV Shows: Fringe, Oz, Parks and Rec, B99, GenKill, Chewing Gum, Slings & Arrows, Arrested Development, American Gods, Man in the High Castle, Venture Bros, Bojack Horseman, The Middleman, Fargo... I love TV
Books: Jasper Fforde's books, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (Gregory Maguire), Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the Discworld books about Death or Moist von Lipwig, Downbelow Station (CJ Cherryh), A Lion Among Men (Gregory Maguire), Bridget Jones' Diary
Music: Foo Fighters, grunge, new wave, Missy Elliott, MIA, The National, Heartless Bastards, The Heavy, Sloan, Blood Red Shoes, CAKE, k-os, Garbage, Florence & the Machine, Lauryn Hill
Games: Mass Effect, Uncharted, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed (shut up), Fallout: New Vegas, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Minesweeper. I just finished Persona 5.
Comics/Anime/Misc: I got pretty into some of those primo storylines in Marvel Now but I haven't had time to read comics in ages so there's a stack of unread issues of Ms. Marvel etc. I did make time to read the first stretch of Ryan North's Squirrel Girl, though. I also try to keep up with the WicDiv and Sex Criminals trades.

Other Info: I've been on DW for years but quit posting when Tumblr killed journaling. I want to get back into it if it has a heartbeat again. Expect AO3 shares of new fic I write and random posts about whatever media I'm watching, with less frequent, slightly more personal posts about things like life updates/craft projects/complaining about law school and law students and the law (I'm heading into 2L). Some of those I lock, depending on their content. I'm also open to discussing my adventures with ADHD.

I picked some tags for things I enjoy that you should feel welcome to talk to me about!
ETA and then I went through the post and added bold tags so you can read it!
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I posted a couple of years ago but died off on DW so thought I'd repost as I'm back.

Name: - Alex(andra)
Age: getting towards 30
Country: Australia
Subscription/Access Policy: friends only, happy to add pretty much anyone though

Fannish Interests: Fandoms that usually crop up a lot - Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, MCU (Movies, Agent Carter kind of AoS). I read fanfic, make icons ([personal profile] songsofstardust) and do text based RP over on Insanejournal. Others include Battlestar Galactica, Stargate etc. Lots of Sci-Fi and crime based shows.

Currently enjoying: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, Madam Secretary but I don't have much spare time to watch stuff these days

I like to post about: I'll talk about shows, I talk about my life a lot and I touch on various random thoughts too. I'll talk about conventions if I go to them and fanfic if I write it which is rare. Just whatever is on my mind really?

About Me/Other Info:

♥ Studied librarianship & archiving but work as a receptionist/clerk at a law firm
♥ I do freelance archiving (I'm setting up the Bugatti Club's archives)
♥ I suffer from anxiety and depression so that pops up a bit in my posts - everything will be cut
♥ I read a lot and run a slightly behind book review website
♥ I love History, especially British history & Shakespeare. Also the regency period.
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Name: colls
Age: old enough to be eternally thankful Facebook wasn't a thing when I was in college
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: my journal is locked but I happily add/add-back

Main Fandoms: Scifi, anything currently airing set in space (The Expanse, Killjoys, Dark Matter), all the stars (Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate), and Supernatural
Other Fandoms: other stuff set in space, (Andromeda, BSG, Firefly, S:AAB, etc.) Longmire, Sense8, vidding
Fannish Interests: I make vids, write fic, record podfic, make icons, etc. My main focus seems to be vidding.
OTPs and Ships: I'm mostly a "ship and let ship" kind of fan, basically don't harsh on my joy and I won't harsh on yours.

I like to post about: I mostly talk about media I'm consuming (TV, movies, sometimes books) and other random stuff going on like cooking, running and my pets. I sometimes abuse the 'create a poll' feature because I like ticky boxes. I like wine.
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Name: Sarah
Age: 28
Country: United States
Subscription/Access Policy:Open

Main Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Steven Universe, Preacher (comic book), Transmetropoliton, DC & DCEU, MCU, Dune (novels), Let the Right One In (novel and Swedish movie)
Other Fandoms: Merlin, Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Teen Titans
Fannish Interests: Graphics creating, trying to write
OTPs and Ships: Steven Universe: Steven/Connie, Ruby/Sapphire, Sadie/Lars
BSG: Kara/Sam, Kara/Lee

Favourite Movies: The Dark Knight, The Boondock Saints, Event Horizon, Grave Encounters, As Above So Below
TV Shows: Stranger Things, X-files, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Black Mirror, Supernatural, Sherlock BBC, Scream, The Walking Dead, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, Scrubs
Books: I am Legend, The Road, The Dark Tower Cycle, The Stand, The Shining, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Exorcist, Valdemar Saga, Dragonriders of Pern, The Magic of Xanth
Games: Skyrim, Stardew Valley, Don't Starve, World of Warcraft, Resident Evil, Zelda, Sunless Sea, loads more
Comics/Anime/Misc: Ouran High School Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Sandman, The Boys

Other Info: I'm new to dw and rp. I would love to make friends with anyone, really, but especially someone who is into one of the things I've listed. I have a plurk: [plurk.com profile] caerah. Feel free to add me! I like to chat, stream tv and movies, rp, and in general just have a good time socializing with like-minded people.

Hey Hey

Feb. 18th, 2013 12:37 pm
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Name: Todd
Age: 26
Country: United States
Subscription/Access Policy: I'm new to Dreamwidth and am open to adding anyone with similar interests; just let me know first!

Main Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Animorphs, Final Fantasy, American Idol, Drew Barrymore, Sonic the Hedgehog
Other Fandoms: Ultimate Spider-Man,  Super Mario Bros, Pokemon
Fannish Interests: Discussions, icons, fan sites
OTPs and Ships: Helo, Athena (BSG)

Favourite Movies: Murder By Numbers, Sleepy Hollow, Ever After, Philadelphia
TV Shows: American Horror Story, American Idol, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural
Books: Animorphs, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, Misery by Stephen King... I really love the horror genre.
Music: Country, rock, and some pop. I really like 90s alternative.
Games: Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, Sonic Adventure
Comics/Anime/Misc: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Superman Earth One, The Walking Dead

Other Info: I love writing and reading. I'm super into the horror genre. I'm a store manager of a GameStop and work way too much.

Feb. 3rd, 2013 05:05 pm
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Name: Halima
Age: 23
Location: Europe
Subscription/Access Policy: 100% locked, currently adding anyone with vaguely similar interests

Main Fandoms: Star Trek (probably soon all of them, but for now just TNG), Babylon 5, Leverage, Borgen, Vegas
Other Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Stargate, Sanctuary, Cougar Town, Lie to Me, Friends, Legend of the Seeker, Political Animals, The West Wing, Firefly, Farscape, Castle, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Lost
Fannish Interests: Reading fic like it's my job, occasionally writing it, too; hopefully soon making icons and graphics again; general flailing and discussion about fictional characters.
OTPs and Ships: John/Delenn (Babylon 5), Adama/Roslin (BSG), Amanda/Clarice (Caprica), Nate/Sophie (Leverage), Gillian/Cal (Lie to Me), Sawyer/Juliet (Lost), Helen/Will, Helen/anyone (Sanctuary), Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala, Daniel/Elizabeth, Elizabeth/John (Stargate), Picard/Crusher (Star Trek TNG), CJ/Toby, CJ/Danny (TWW), Katherine/Ralph (Vegas)

Films: Jurassic Park, The Lion King, Out of Africa, Star Wars, Mamma Mia, The Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather, Love Actually, Casino Royale
Books: Jurassic Park, The Godfather, Harry Potter, Around the World in Eighty Days, anything Michael Crichton
Hobbies: photography, writing, languages, travel, stargazing, eating chocolate, blogging

Other Info: 'Awful at Replying to Things' is my middle name. I don't indulge attention seekers on principle. Pretty much pan-everything—I'm pan-pan. Proud Ravenclaw and Religious Caste Minbari. Starfleet Sciences forever. INFJ, for whatever that's worth. Anxiety issues. Loves everyone.
Elsewhere: [archiveofourown.org profile] universe | [tumblr.com profile] windhoek | [twitter.com profile] tuzanor | [pinboard.in profile] universe | [last.fm profile] othnielia


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