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Name: Booksblanketsandtea
Age: 24
Country: New Zealand
Subscription/Access Policy: Open, and open to friend requests as well :)

Main Fandoms: BBC's Sherlock, MCU, Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Hobbit
Other Fandoms: BBC's Merlin, Attack on Titan, The Big Bang Theory, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Supernatural
Fannish Interests: Writing / Reading fanfiction, making fanart, headcanons and fan theory discussions, and I used to make fanvids years and years ago... I might get back into that, one day..
OTPs and Ships: Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Molly, Tony/Loki, Harry/Draco, Hermione/Severus, Hermione/Remus, Remus/Being Happy, Ginny/Neville, Jim/Spock, Uhura/Scotty, Bones/a glass of Whiskey, Bilbo/Thorin, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Sheldon/Penny, plus.. More. Many more.

Favourite Movies: V for Vendetta, Jurassic Park, Thor, Iron Man (most things from the MCU), Anastasia, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Lilo and Stitch, The Martian, Pride and Prejudice
TV Shows: Sherlock, Star Trek (mostly TOS), BBC's Merlin, Attack on Titan, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rick and Morty, and many more..
Books: The Harry Potter series, pretty much anything by Tamora Pierce, 
Pride and Prejudice, The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfus, The Hobbit..
Music: Oh hell I don't know - whatever's on Spotify. At the moment I'm jumping between Walk The Moon and the Hamilton soundtrack.
Skyrim, Dragon Age, The Witcher 3, Rocket League, Trine, Ori and the Blind Forest, Path of Exile
Comics/Anime/Misc: Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, a lot of Loki centric comics (particularly love Blood Brothers and Journey Into Mystery), Deadpool, just starting to get into Hawke Eye. 

Other Info: 
I'm a chick, I'm asexual, I'm currently studying towards my BA in English Lit and Cultural Studies (with a focus in Internet Culture and Fan Studies). I will geek out with you over things - I'm here because I kind of accidentally migrated to tumblr from LiveJournal back in 2011 and I've been missing the community feel that I had with LiveJournal, so please feel free to message me and introduce yourself. :)

hi there!

May. 8th, 2017 10:31 am
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hi! i posted at the beginning of this year, but i know there has been an influx of new people AND i have some new fandoms, so here i am again :)

Name: journey
Age: 28
Country: usa (boston, ma specifically)
Subscription/Access Policy: most of my posts are friends only. i usually add back if we have things in common.

Main Fandoms: at the moment: jane the virgin and supergirl for actively watching/fangirling over/etc; harry potter and merlin for actively still consuming fandom works for, sharing recs, etc.
Other Fandoms:  still an active interest, sometimes mentioning, but not primary: sailor moon, criminal minds, leverage, legend of the seeker, miss fisher's murder mysteries, life is strange. don't really mention, but i'll know what you're talking about if you do: psych, xena, a:tla/korra.
Fannish Interests: episodes discussions / meta, fanfiction - mostly reading but i do write a teensy bit.
OTPs and Ships: jane/petra, rogelio/all his bromances (jtv); kara/lena, maggie/alex, lyra/winn (supergirl); harry/draco, sirius/remus, pansy being gay, luna being gay (hp); merlin/arthur, gwen/morgana (merlin); haruka/michiru, usagi/all her senshi (sailor moon); cara/kahlan (legend of the seeker); phryne/mac, dot/happiness (mfmm); morgan/reid (criminal minds); eliot/parker/hardison (leverage); chloe/max (life is strange); shawn/gus (psych)

Favourite Movies: i don't watch movies all that often... i like legally blonde, mulan, and happy lesbian movies. also any female-driven horror (stuff like the descent)
TV Shows: see above: jane the virgin, supergirl, criminal minds, leverage, legend of the seeker, miss fisher's murder mysteries
Books: i'm a big fan of ya fiction and female-centric thrillers. i like gillian flynn and my favorite ya series is the lumatere chronicles by melina marchetta, plus anything by nova ren suma. i have a rule that i only read books by and about women. my goodreads is here!
Music: pop princesses and female folk-pop: selena gomez, carly rae jepsen, rihanna, vienna teng, mandy moore circa wild hope.
Games: i tend to like visual novels and twine games. life is strange is the biggest one but i also like hanako games' long live the queen and the royal trap. for twine i mostly troll (example: with those we love alive).
Comics/Anime/Misc: mostly sailor moon. fond nostalgia for cardcaptor sakura. oh, under "misc" i used to be in american idol rpf fandom, ha (and that is in fact where i met my wife).

Other Info: uh, i am a married lesbian and vegetarian who loves cats. my politics lean fairly radically liberal but i also appreciate nuance and whenever i take political tests i always have trouble with the answers because i'm like "WELL IT DEPENDS!!" i'm a virgo/libra, enfj/entp, and ravenclaw/slytherin if those things matter to you (yep, see again how i can't make up my mind).
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[personal profile] elfflame

Name: Elfflame (though I will answer to Elf)
Age: Older than Star Wars.
Country: USA's Left Coast
Subscription/Access Policy: I will only be locking down private info or NC-17 posts, and I will friend back so long as you are of age.

Main Fandoms: Harry Potter, Merlin, Star Wars, Star Trek
Other Fandoms: Supernatural, MCU, DC (Batman, Teen Titans comics, CW's DC Universe), Elfquest (if you love this please friend me. I can always use more friends who love it), Stargate, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica (Either), Law & Order, Doctor Who, Firefly, Forever Knight, Labyrinth, LoTR, Narnia, Queer as Folk, Hunger Games.
Fannish Interests: I'm a mostly retired Fic writer, though I still write about one fic a year for daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas over at IJ. I read when I find something that fits into my loves, which generally means Harry/Draco or Marauders or Next Gen fic, though I occasionally delve into other ships or other fandom fic. Been a while since I read anything outside of Harry Potter fic, but I've been watching lots of dystopian shows these days, and I can see myself digging into fic if I find that.
OTPs and Ships: Most of my ships are in Harry Potter, and I have quite a few, though I do occasionally delve into others. Harry Potter: Harry/Draco, Severus/Draco, Remus/Regulus, Teddy/Scorpius, Draco/Teddy, Teddy/James Sirius; Merlin: Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen; Buffy: Angel/Buffy, Oz/Willow, Willow/Tara; Others: Batman/Catwoman, Han/Leia, Finn/Poe, Riker/Troi, Janeway/Chakoty, Apollo/Starbuck (new), Mal/Inara, Edmond/Caspian, Brian/Justin. To name a select few.

Favourite Movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, MCU (particularly Captain America), Labyrinth, Hunger Games, Contact, Handmaid's Tale (looking forward to the TV show), Color Purple, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Moulin Rouge, Singin in the Rain, Sixth Sense.
TV Shows: Supernatural, DC Shows, The 100,
Books: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Kushiel Series, Handmaid's Tale, and too many more to mention. I lean towards Fantasy, Sci Fi, Dystopia/post-apocalyptic, YA, and adult M/M romances, especially those that fall into those genres.
Music: Music wavers, but at the moment I've been immersed in Hamilton and the Hamilton Mix Tape. Generally, I love oldies. 80s, 70s, 60s and 50s. Top three bands are Beatles, Queen, and Suede.
Games: Haven't been playing any big games recently. I'm on Kongregate under the same user name, and I have an account at Steam and far too many games there to count.
Comics/Anime/Misc: Elfquest, Fables, Buffy Season 8. I also grew up collecting DC, particularly Legion of Super-Heroes and Teen Titans, and anything Superman or Batman related.
Other: Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked; Genealogy, writing in general, NaNoWriMo.

About me:
Seattlite living with the man in my life--a black cat named Nicholai. I work full time and try to convince myself to write in between work time. I went from voracious reader to full-time-student to a big fic reader, but I am finally back to to reading "real" stories, with the added benefit of a whole new genre. My out-and-about time involve movies, food, and board games.


Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:47 am
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[personal profile] anandrine

Name: journey
Age: 28
Country: usa
Subscription/Access Policy: friends only for the most part.

Main Fandoms (actively talk about and/oror consume media): sailor moon, leverage, merlin, criminal minds, harry potter, gone girl.
Other Fandoms (may occasionally talk about and still love): legend of the seeker, high school musical, a:tla and korra, life is strange.
Fannish Interests: i read a LOT of fanfic, the longer the better!! so i love giving and receiving recs. i used to write fanfic, and haven't in a while but i'd like to get back into it. i'm also big on just talking about FEELINGS, serious or jokey headcanons, etc.
OTPs and Ships: sailor moon - usagi/everyone, usagi/my feelings, rei/minako, haruka/michiru; leverage - the ot3 eliot/parker/hardison; merlin - arthur/merlin, gwen/morgana; criminal minds - morgan/reid and elle/happiness; harry potter - harry/draco, hermione/luna, luna/any girl; legend of the seeker - cara/kahlan; hsm - chad/ryan, gabriella/sharpay; korra - korra/asami; life is strange - max/chloe, nathan/death.

Favorite Movies: legally blonde, talladega nights, mulan, gone girl.
TV Shows: besides the ones listed in fandoms: salem, miss fisher's murder mysteries, and marathoning garbage like svu and  the lifetime lizzie borden movie, which i'm counting under tv since it was straight-to-tv.
Books: too many. my ultimate love is the lumatere chronicles by melina marchetta, which i would list under fandoms but there's not one. but i have a lot of feelings about it. also gone girl and sharp objects by gillian flynn. i read a lot of young adult fiction, thrillers, and lesbian romance.
Music: vienna teng, selena gomez, carly rae jepsen, rihanna.
Games: i love visual novels and twine games!! life is strange, long live the queen, and the royal trap are top faves.
Comics/Anime/Misc: see fandoms? i also have nostalgia for cardcaptor sakura. i plan to watch the gay iceskating anime eventually.

Other Info: i'm a lesbian and radical-leaning feminist; i'm only interested in friending others of the same mind :) other interests & things i will talk about: my wife, our three spoiled cats, work (i am a legal executive assistant in biglaw), my business (handmade perfume oils), friends, etc! oh, i've had my dw for a while but have only just started using it, but i've been active on lj, so don't be put off by the few friends/entries here :)


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