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Name: Lucy
Age: 28
Country: USA
Subscription/Access Policy: Ask here or on my friends-only post in this journal to add, just so I can keep track of who is adding me/why they are adding me, please!

Fannish Interests: I'm in to Homestuck (I know...), Percy Jackson, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Nabari No Ou, Ace Attorney, Dangan Ronpa, Fire Emblem, Ouran, lots of Disney, Martha Wells, Tamora Pierce, Garth Nix, Discworld - basically lots of things! I'm one of those roleplayer types, too, and I'm in a few games right now. I otherwise run [community profile] livebites with my best friend - it's an icon comm! I mean to get back into fanfic writing this year, maybe.
I like to post about: ...So far, nothing. I stopped journaling back in 2013 when I used to do it on IJ. I miss it, though, and want to get back into it. Presumably I will post day-to-day life accounts periodically, thoughts about shows/movies/books I'm into, random rp anecdotes, and memes. I miss doing journal memes.
About Me/Other Info: Nothing much to add here!
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Name: Dust, Alicia, Al
Age: 27
Country: US
Subscription/Access Policy: Open

Main Fandoms: Transformers (Beast Wars and IDW, especially MtMtE); Jem and the Holograms (cartoon and IDW comics); Marvel (primarily 616 comicsverse, especially Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan), pre-00s Deadpool/Cable & Deadpool, Young Avengers, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Hawkeye, Runaways, Avengers Academy, Fearless DefendersNew X-Men, New Mutants, other various-- but not all-- X-titles; M2verse Spider-Girl); preboot DC (DCAU and comics, especially Blue Beetle, Birds of Prey, Batgirl (Cass Cain and Stephanie Brown runs), other various-- but not all-- Bat titles, early and some later Wonder Woman, older Teen Titans, Toon Titans, Bwa-Ha-Ha Era (and thereabouts) Justice League, Impulse); Ed, Edd n Eddy; Sherlock Holmes (ACD); Wolf 359; Red vs Blue; Star Trek (primarily TOS, TNG, DS9); Star Wars

Other Fandoms: Hey, Arnold; Harry Potter; Naruto; Free!; Sailor Moon; Yu Yu Hakusho; YGO!; Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin and roughly through Lost Galaxy); Gargoyles; Biker Mice from Mars; SWAT Kats; Left 4 Dead (both); Darkwing Duck; Duck Tales; Goof TroopRescue Rangers; Phineas and Ferb; Astro City; Disney animated canon in general; Golden Age Hollywood; Marx Brothers; Hetalia; DBZ; M*A*S*H; Arthur; SagaTiger & Bunny; My Little Pony  (G1, Tales, FiM); plenty I'm forgetting because they don't come up much 

Fannish Interests: History, meta, fic, occasional edits, fandom in general

OTPs and Ships: Oh, dear... Reigning myself in here: IDW Transformers: Rung/Skids, Rung/Whirl, Rung/Nautica, Skids/Nautica, Nautica/Velocity, Chromedome/Rewind, Chromedome/Prowl, Tarantulas/Prowl, Starscream/Wheeljack, Swindle/Blurr, Soundwave/Cosmos, Fairborne/Jones, Knockout/Breakdown, Windblade/Moonracer; Beast Wars: Rhinox/Rattrap, Dinobot/Rattrap, Depth Charge/Rattrap, Optimus Primal/Rattrap, Optimus Primal/Dinobot, Megatron/Dinobot, Tigatron/Airazor; Jem: Kimber/Stormer (both), Roxy/Stormer (cartoon), Roxy/Jetta (comics), Jerrica/Pizzazz (both), Aja/Craig (comics), Shana/Anthony (both); Young Avengers: Eli/Kate, Tommy/Kate, Kate/America, David/Tommy, David/Loki, David/Teddy; Ed, Edd n Eddy: EdEdd, EdEddy, EddEddy, EdEddEddy, KevEdd, KevEddy, EddyNazz, NazzMay; Justice League: Booster/Ted, Bea/Ted, Bea/Tora, Guy/Tora, Scott/Barda, Ralph/Sue; Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary; RvB: Grif/Simmons, Grif/Tucker, Tucker/Wash, Kimball/Carolina, Carolina/York, Jensen/Sister, Texas/Sister; Left 4 Dead: Nick/Ellis, Nick/Rochelle, Ellis/Rochelle, Ellis/Louis, Ellis/Zoe, Zoe/Rochelle, Francis/Rochelle; Star Trek: Spock/McCoy, Uhura/Rand, Geordi/Data; Star Wars: Han/Leia, Finn/Rey, Finn/Poe, Finn/Rey/Poe, Rey/Jessika; Sailor Moon: Minako/Rei, Makoto/Ami, Michiru/Haruka, Michiru/Haruka/Setsuna, Chibi-Usa/Hotaru, Usagi/pretty much everyone; Disney: Esmeralda/Belle; many others but these are off the top of my head
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Name: Shelby
Age: 18
Country: USA
Subscription/Access policy: Always open to chatting with new people + making friends. Come visit my page any time! 

Main Fandoms: Naruto, Death Note, NANA 
Other Fandoms: Paradise Kiss, LIFE, Buffy, Daria, and Tomie. (No fandom list for me is complete without Tomie. I love that bitch, seriously.) 
Fannish Interests: Drooling over other users' incredible icons and envying their photoshop skills; writing fiction, specifically for Naruto; checking out different fandom communities 

OTPs and Ships: I'm basically OTV - One True Village for Naruto, LOL. I think @askerian coined that term. But, I like Naru/Sasu, Naru/Sasu/Saku, Shisui/Itachi as my top pairings (weird mix, I know). I ship Ren/Nana, a little Yasu/Nana, Takumi/Reira and Arashi/Miwako as an Ai Yazawa fan; and Mello/Matt, Mello/Halle, Gevanni/Near, Mikami/Light, and occasionally Light/Misa as a DN fan. 

Favourite Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Babel, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Gia, Pulp Fiction, Girl, Interrupted, My Week With Marilyn, The Edge, Underworld, The Virgin Suicides, Ghost in the Shell, Christiane F./Wir Kinder von Bahnhoff Zoo
TV Shows: Arrested Development, Buffy, Pushing Daisies, Daria, and anything to do with ghost hunting or weird specials on the Wealthy channel (for my inner Rich Girl, you know). 
Books: The Bell Jar, The Falls, Foxfire, Demian, The Stranger, Anne Sexton's collected poems, Sylvia Plath's collected poems...so basically, a lot of prose, poetry and existential lit. 
Music: Portishead, Aether, Sneaker Pimps, Air, Underworld, Massive Attack, David Bowie, Alanis Morissette, Hole, Bikini Kill, Nirvana, The Doors, Sonic Youth, P!nk
Games: Fatal Frame, Siren, Resident Evil (0, remake, up to 4) - I'm a huge survival horror person. 

Quick bio/end note: I'm Shelby. It's nice to meet you all. :) I'm a writer, astrologer and runner in my spare time. I have a passion for unique fashion, film and music. It's been a dream for years to study in Japan and visit Romania and Germany, since I'm big on travel. I have a dry sense of humor, and I love sarcasm and wit. I also love collecting random trivia, even though I'll probably never use half of it again, lol. Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to connect with a few people here. 


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