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Name:Danielle or Dani
Country: Florida, USA
Subscription/Access Policy: I post the occasional friends only post but most of my blog is open to everyone and I'm looking for a new home to be a huge dork at because Tumblr has become rather toxic. I do have anxiety and I babble a lot about what scares me.

Main Fandoms: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek, LOTR, Marvel and probably more I cycle around various fandoms as the mood hits.
Other Fandoms: Arrow, Sailor Moon, Pride and Prejudice
Fannish Interests: fanfics, icons, gif making
OTPs and Ships: Doctor/Rose, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Kirk/Spock, Fitzsimmons, Tony Stark/Happiness, Olicity, Captain Swan (although I have lost interest in the show I still love my otp),

Favourite Movies: Labyrinth, Pride and Prejudice, The Two Towers, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
TV Shows: Arrow, Agent's Of Shield, Doctor Who, Sanctuary, Star Trek the Original Series
Books: Harry Potter, The Shannara chronicles, The Immortals Series by Tamora Pierce, Anything by Jane Austen
Music: Anything but Rap
Games: Banished, Final Fantasy 9, Oblivion, Skyrim, Grim Dawn, Planetbase, Factorio, civ IV...
Comics/Anime/Misc: I'm currently reading my first dc comics, I hope to do the same for marvel but my library doesn't offer those for free so it'll have to wait. I love Sailor Moon, Noragami, Soul Eater, Azumanga Daioh, Chi's sweet Home and I love manga. I don't read or watch as much anymore but my roommate and my husband are both huge anime fans and I do enjoy watching the occasional series on Crunchyroll.
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