May. 16th, 2017

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Name: Lisa
Age: 37
Country: Scotland
Subscription/Access policy: open

Main fandom:, Star Trek (TNG,Voyager,Ent), Babylon 5, NCIS, Buffy, Bones, Rizzoli&Isles,

Other fandoms: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Big Bang Theory, APB, Lucifer, Call the Midwife

Fannish interests: Love to read fanfic and have started to write myself.

OTPs and Ships: Trip/T'Pol, Seven/Janeway, Seven/B'Elanna, Jack/Daniel, Willow/Tara (and many others), Delenn/Sheridan. I'm mainly a multi-shipper on many of my fandoms.

Other info: Was on before but lost my password so starting again,lol. I'm quite shy and because I've suffered from depression trying to get back in to a mindset to enjoy social interactions, so I find writing easier. Also enjoy walking my 2 dogs (both Border Collies), reading, music and am a carer for my elderly aunt.

Not a lot in my journal at the moment except for challenge letters but hope to change that in the near future,lol.


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